A reliable mate to protect you even in winter.

Thanks to its structure Cabin56 is ideal for those who go to sea for work or passion, even in cold weather. The cabin is a guarantee of security and tranquility and offers a comfortable shelter from the cold weather, useful for instance for putting on and off the suit for diving. [:]

Hole for the storage tank of petrol and small peak.

Hole for the storage tank of petrol and peak.

The large lockers aft, and the ones under the cushions in the cabin, offer you space for all equipment.

The sole tank, located under the cockpit (it can be inspected from the cabin), takes you away from problems related to the use of mobile tank and gives you precious living space. The tank opening under the driver’s seat, permits you to fill the tank easily with the standard pump nozzle.

The internal toilet guarantees comfort and shelter, even in winter.

The C56 is the right compromise between the space of a small semi-cab boat and the lightness of a small size inflatable boat: for this reason gives the owner the best features of the two types of craft.