Cabin56 is innovation about Rib rental.

The Cabin56 offers unique details for a boat that make it more advisable than other crafts in this class.The difference is basically the cabin, with all the comfort associated with it, but don’t forget the numerous tactics adopted to make it the best for RIB rental[:]

The cockpit of cabin56 with ladder and table

It can be driven without license.. So it can be rent from anyone.

A quite nest floating away from the crowds massed on the beach, with comfortable chairs, cushions, cosy bed. Even the usefulness of the chemical toilet can’t be underestimated. Ideal for those seeking peace anchored in a cove or who have children to keep shelter.

Completing the convenience of C56 there is the ladder at the stern, with the step obtained in the cockpit and the side decks, complete with handrails, which allows you to get easily from the cockpit to the sun deck, even while navigating.